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My Holistic Philosophy

It is my passion to provide an alternative for achieving health and wellness by shifting the perception of pain and disfunction through personalized care, empowerment, awareness and education. It is my clinical focus to work with each individual to discover and clear the cause of disfunction while providing insight to the condition and empowerment to prevent re-injury and maintain wellness.

How Massage Can Help

Restoring Form and Function

Commonly trauma is know as a physical injury that can be seen and felt. Every trauma has a physical, neurological and emotional connection to the experience.

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Balanced Body and Mind

Negative emotions and experiences can become emotional blocks or barriers to achieving our highest potential for health and wellbeing.

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Dynamic Health

The age and look of retirement has changed with the times. It has become more important now than ever to maintain the health of our aging minds and bodies to keep up with daily demands.

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Pregnancy and Infants

Massage can become part of the enjoyment of pregnancy and a key component in relieving the stress and strain also experienced. Infant massage promotes health and well being and strengthens the bond between child and caregiver.

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