Alpine Star Therapeutic Treatments

Direct Billing - For Local Clientele

Online Booking

$110 per hour, GST included and $10 min travel fee. Treatment times from 45 min -2hrs. Includes 15 minutes for assessment, interview, and home care, and 45 minutes of massage.

  • $20 Travel fee for these areas Predator Ridge, Cars Landing, Oyama, Lakecountry, Silverstar

  • Online booking and a detailed health history will provide more time for you on the table.

  • Setup and breakdown time does not take away from your appointment time.

  • I will arrive 10min prior to the appointment start time to set up.

  • Please refer to the map below for our service area: 


Payment Methods and Expectations

I require either cash at the time of the appointment or e-transfers on the same day as the appointment.



Cancellation Policy

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for a cancellation, with the exception of emergencies. Last minute cancellations will be charged the full appointment fee. Any appointments in arrears must be paid in full prior to booking an additional appointment. I will extend the same 24 hour cancellation courtesy to my clients. If I am unable to provide 24 hour notice for a cancellation the next appointment will be half price.


Treatment Policy

I obtain the right to refuse service under the following conditions: I will not provide treatment to clients that are under the influence of alcohol or non-prescription drugs or who are acutely ill with a fever, aches and chills (within the first 4 days of the illness). For the health and safety of myself and my clients I will waive cancellation fees in the event of an illness or emergency. If for any reason I feel that I am in an unhealthy or unsafe environment I will exercise my right to refuse service. A vital component of therapy is the environment in which the treatments are given as well as the therapeutic relationship. It is my professional duty to maintain therapeutic boundaries of the the highest regard and consideration to all of my clients that extends beyond the time in treatment. All matters discussed in treatment are sacred and are kept private and confidential.