The age and look of retirement has changed with the times. It has become more important now than ever to maintain the health of our aging minds and bodies to keep up with daily demands.RMT’s are trained to assess for dysfunction, find and treat the cause and restore function. Regular maintenance massage treatments are an effective way to maintain overall health and address areas of concern as they arise. There are many conditions that are of concern for many seniors that can be treated effectively and managed with manual therapy such as sleep duration and quality, improve mental And physical energy, decrease pain and stiffness, swelling, improving mood and outlook on life.

There are many complex challenges that seniors face as they grow older into their retirement, one of which is the loss of companionship. Compassionate interactions decrease for many seniors and is a vital component for longevity, quality of life and a sense of well-being. As well as providing safe therapeutic touch, massage can become a vital aspect of health management.