Established in Vernon, BC in 2017 by owner/operator Cecilia Hawk, RMT.  I created Alpine Star Massage, a mobile Massage Therapy service to help increase access for all demographics and needs.  I recognized that the greater Vernon community had a need for a mobile Therapist and how valuable this service can be for anyone facing barriers to accessing this therapy.  In my previous career, I lived in a remote community and I benefitted from having access to a mobile RMT.  As a mother, Chef and amiture athlete of rough sports, I relied on regular massage treatments to restore, relieve and repair my many aches and pain that life brought on.  In the second year of training, our practicum scheduled community outreach for the student therapist; I loved providing massage to people in their homes.  There is something very special about providing treatment in the comfort of someones home.  I knew right away that this was the business model for me; I set out to create a service for our community to utilize and benefit from that is mutually supportive. 


My childhood was spent growing up in a small rural town in the South Okanagan. One of my fond memories as a child was hiking in the Alpine with my mother every spring in search of wildflowers and to learn about the wild flora and fauna. One of her favourite flowers to come across is commonly know as the Alpinestar; one of the first flowers to bloom once the snow has melted and the ground has begun to warm up. It was my mother that suggested that I use the name of a wildflower to represent my practice. She reminded me of the harsh cold winters and hot desert summers that flower overcame every season and yet it emerged every spring beautiful and delicately poised. A brilliant representation of life, the human spirit and that of true resilience.


I relocated from Sun Peaks BC, where I completed my career as a Chef after 15 years in the industry to embark on a new and exciting career. I trained at the Okanagan College of Massage Therapy in 2015 in Vernon, BC, graduating in 2017 and have been a licensed practicing RMT since.  As I can only speak for myself, what sets me apart from many is the ocean of experiences that life has thrown at me, more then most I can confidently say. The list for what I haven't experinced is much shorter.  My life path has shaped my strong empathic intuition, relatability and wisdom, coupled with a realists dark sense of humor. There is not a lot that could stump me.  The combination of focused, specific knowledge of anatomy and physiology, strongly developed empathic intuition and highly tuned palpation sense provides for a highly atuned treatment unique to typical massage treatments.        

Diving into a second career is always thrilling to say the least but a career that helps people live their best lives and inspires health, happiness, and well being is an incredible honour and a lifelong journey that I am thrilled to embark on.  It is my focus to create ease and access to Massage Therapy for anyone that feels limited by physical ability, mental capacity, time constraints, emotional barriers, and so on.  Any reason is a great reason for recieving massage in the comfort of your home, including no reason at all.  Following every treatment is the opportunity to discuss any questions about the treatment and any other findings as well as to reassess the condition and provide home care and modifications to daily living and activities that empowers the client to take control of their health.


“Cecilia is extremely knowledgeable, and very passionate about massage therapy. My situation is that I suffered a broken neck, and was not able to walk without the assistance of canes; the pain was quite severe. I am now able to walk without the assistance of canes, and the pain has been significantly lessened. I'm really excited about the progress!”

- Kerry

“Cecilia is professional, informative, and her genuine caring of wanting to help people live a better life in the bodies they have got, is forefront for her practise. OR...she totally rocks!”

- Kellie

“Cecilia has a real gift for making a person feel comfortable and relaxed with her soothing presence. She is a kind, caring individual whose compassion and enthusiasm for her work is obvious. Her empathy for those she sees in pain is genuine and sincere.

Cecilia has a deep understanding of the human skeletal and muscle systems. She is quick to identify trouble spots, working on them to provide effective relief.”

- Bonnie

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