Alpine Star Treatments

Traditional Swedish Massage

The techniques are slow and rhythmical to promote increased relaxation. Working with the clients' pressure preference from light to firm as well as the bodies tissues, the modalities increase circulation and tissue health while decreasing tension, pain and stiffness.

Hydrotherapy - Water, Ice and Heat

This is the use of water in all of its forms from ice to moist heat to prepare an area for specific techniques, complete a focal treatment, to encourage or decrease circulation and inflammation, or used for comfort and relaxation.

Deep Diaphramatic Breathing

This is an effective and imperative modality that is therapeutic beyond the massage appointment. This is a deep breathing awareness exercise that encourages relaxation, circulation and tissue health, while decreasing tension, stress and anxiety through segmental breathing.

Meditative Body Scan

Meditation is a simple and effective tool used to increase a state of wellbeing and can be a simple as being mindful in moments of joy and pleasure; like stopping to enjoy the aroma of a beautiful flower. Training to be mindful in the moment can take time but is rewarding. Becoming mindful of how your body feels throughout the massage and with every changing stroke empowers you to control your experience then and in future appointments. It connects the mind with intention to areas of tenderness to facilitate the body's healing mechanisms and gives valuable insight into your awareness of injury and repair. Mindfulness is a very powerful repair tool that can be successfully practiced in any moment of stillness.

Neuromuscular Therapy

This technique focuses on soft tissue attachment sites to indirectly relax and release tension. This method is very effective for addressing injured, sensitive or delicate areas that are compromised by pain and or dysfunction. This technique also focuses on treating muscle tension by directly realigning fibres to reset normal resting length and tone of specific muscles and bring back balance to the body.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release treats the very specific layers of connective tissue that encompass every tissue in the body. Fascia is the three dimensional soft elastic and fluid connective tissue that connects everything as one.  The technique is slow and very specific and works with the bodies ability to unwind and realign areas of tension, pain and dysfunction.  

Joint Mobilization

These techniques focus on gentle manipulations to the soft joints capsule to improve the quality of movement, decrease stiffness and pain and relaxes the surrounding supportive musculature. These techniques help to improve posture and function and bring balance back to the body.

Lymphatic Drainage

Focuses specifically on the lymphatic circulation and indirectly the venous and arterial circulation. Areas of the body that experience fluid accumulation for long periods of time will become unhealthy, painful and compromised due to the damaging effects on sensitive nerves and tissues. It is a very light application that mobilizes vessels within the skin. This technique will boost immune function while decreasing fluid accumulation and inflammation and can prevent scar tissue formation that will compromise form, function, health and sensation.